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Real Estate Coaching

Our Exclusive coaching program starts with the premise that Success looks different for everybody. Our process starts with a two-way interview to understand your needs and what success looks like to you.The next step is to create your own La Rosa Coaching Blueprint which is your custom business and action plan. The 3rd step is creating an efficient schedule that accommodates lead generation, skill building, training and personal time. Now is about taking action and accountability. Since no one can truly hold themselves accountable we have a great accountability system that keeps agents on their feet, always striving to reach the goals they set for themselves.

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La Rosa Coaching
offers you the following:

Launch Phase

0-12 Transactions per year

For agents that have not created the good habits necessary to be successful in Real Estate. This phase will help you acquire the income necessary to fund your life and then invest in your business in order to take it to the next level.

* Basic Business Principles
* Goal setting and breakdown
* Mindset
* Database Management
* Script
* Time Blocking
* Skill Building Lead Generation

Growth Phase

13-24 Transactions /yr.

For agents that have taken action in their business and are experiencing growth. Now is the time to invest some of the profits in their operation and to start strategically leveraging some of the non-income producing activities in order to concentrate in the ones that bring the money in.

* Advanced Farming / Area Domination
* Advance online lead generation
* Advanced Social media lead generation
* Identify talent / Talent Acquisition
* Delegation / Phase 1

Team Building

24+ Transactions /yr.

Real Estate, when viewed as a business, offers one of the most profitable and rewarding opportunities today. Team Building is designed for agents who are ready to leverage their operation and build a business, Through our coaching the agents will be able to set up their team the right way and avoid costly mistakes and setbacks. We provide guidance based on proven systems and our experience.

* Blueprint: Starting with the end in mind, a structure will be created that will allow you to reach the end goal. Team Composition will be created depending of the level of achievement you are looking for.

* Lead Generation: Many agents make the costly mistake of approaching team building as hiring a buyer's agent and just dump as many leads on them as possible. You will learn the dynamics of lead generation and accountability in a team environment.

* Lead Generation Financials per stage: Make sure you avoid wasting your hard earned money

* Farming for area domination: Farming the right way provides the opportunity of TRULY dominating your area and is one of the most underutilized forms of lead generation today. Learn how to take your corner of the market by storm.

* Hiring team members: What position should you hire first, second, etc? What type of person fits the different positions in a team? How much Should you pay them? and How you should manage their pay in order to avoid problems? What type of agreement do you provide? How do you train them? What are their day to day responsibilities?

* Resources: There are many systems in the market. We have identified the most effective ones and they can be deployed in your business fast and efficiently. These system are for: Lead Generation, Conversion, Lead nurturing, Accountability, Production tracking, Listing management, Transaction coordination and Marketing efforts coordination.

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We Help You Increase Your Numbers

The following is what is expected from a Realtor enrolled in Coaching:

• Be willing to learn.
• Have a Positive Mindset for personal and business growth.
• Attend and graduate “Do it Now”.
• Commitment to implement systems and models.
• With the help of a Coach, not only ensure there business plan is built but executed.
• Lead Generate and Prospect according to the business plan created.
• Spend a minimum of 1 hour a week practicing Scripts & Role Playing.
• Track & Report their numbers.

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